Using Technology

Using technology to help building capacity for the community to do their work is an essential part of the mission of the Interfaith Coalition. Technology solutions can enable more effective, measurable and strategic solutions.

Faith Survey Database
In addition to helping refine the questionnaire and collect survey responses, the Interfaith Coalition subsidized and helped project manage the building of the database that houses the findings from the research. This searchable online database provides access to important data about the social contributions of local religious congregations and the relationships among the community of nonprofit and public service providers and the religious service providers in Wilmington.

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Youth development portal
We are currently developing a portal (DelawareYouth) to promote developmental asset building for youth in Delaware. It will have two components:

At the organizational level – staff interface
A staff interface will be provided to participating organizations so that they can:

  • Document developmental asset training that has taken place in their organization

  • Assess programs on how they build developmental assets

  • House Developmental Asset Profile scores of youth they serve

  • Document asset building activities

  • Provide testimonials on effective asset building

At the community level – public web look
A website will available to provide general information on developmental assets and then aggregate data from all the individual organization input in order to show:

  • Number of people in Delaware trained in developmental assets

  • Commitment of organizations in Delaware to developmental asset building

  • The current level of Developmental Assets among Delaware kids

  • Examples of how Developmental Assets are being built in Delaware

  • Information on asset building events in Delaware

Coming Soon!

Central Resource Database
In one of our first initiatives to programmatically match youth/family needs with existing resources, it became clear to us that a fundamental shift was needed in the way that social service data is collected, updated, disseminated and analyzed in Delaware. Using the analogy of a “utility” where various users rely on a central power source, rather than creating their own, we proposed a central social services database to serve a variety of users and applications.

Acting as project manager, we have gathered the support of the University of Delaware and the United Way in this effort, and are currently seeking additional funding to implement it. One page summary